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Friday, March 17, 2017

Last family home built on George Ranch

The front of the house. Huge screened in porches on two stories.

Looking east on the lower porch.

Looking north on the lower porch.

The garages were added after the family obtained automobiles.

The cistern. Drinking water was in short supply on the Gulf  Coast. However, there was plenty of rain to collect in cisterns.

The side view of the house.

Gene Autry would come to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo once a year. He did not stay in Houston hotel but he stayed with the family at this house. 

 A feinting couch. Women at one time wore corsets and five layers of close. Of course they would feint  wearing all those garments.

One of the first homes on the ranch modern enough to have running water and electricity.

Click on any picture to enlarge. The three pictures in the daughters room show her as a teen, as a drum major at University of Texas and with her fiancé. She was killed in a car wreck while pregnant. She was the last heir as her brother had passed while an infant. With no heirs left, the parents left the 23, 000 are ranch, teeming with oil wells, to a trust.

Twin Fridgedaires. 

Thats a homey looking kitchen

A horse of many other colors.

The ranch grew sugar cane and  cotton. Many German POWs were used across the country during WWII for voluntary work.


  1. You have made the best and amazing Last family home built on George Ranch. This really inspired me and I really want to design the same one as this. Thank you!