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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jeeping with the Bynums -Day 1 - Last Dollar Road from Ridgway to Telluride

From Ridgway take Hwy 62 until you see this sign
it is a comfort to see the GPS knows this road :)

The views are amazing; the road is great; we will just let some of  the pics speak for themselves

if you click the pic to enlarge, you can see the road
yep, we have good tires and the day is sunny without a hint of rain

we all agree with Kannon; this is a "thumbs up " ride

the things you get to see when you go four-wheeling are amazing!

the road ahead of us

Lots of mountains to look at along the way

arriving at our destination

stopping for a picnic and exploring one of the falls in Telluride makes for a perfect ending to a perfect day

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