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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day Trip from South Fork to Wolf Creek summit - Hwy 160

going south on Hwy 160 from South Fork to Wolf Greek Summit

1st tunnel

2nd tunnel indicating this may a longer than a 15 min ride

a serious traffic jam; construction crews had it down to a single lane--so there was a lot of waiting

it is a pretty scenic road and they have spent a lot of effort widening it.  There are a lot of twists and turns

the views are pretty breathtaking

We made it to the top

These people were coming up from the Pagosa Springs side and overheated.  The grade is pretty steep on that side

which is why they put several runaway truck ramps; yes, they have been used by evidence of the tire marks

Sadly, sometimes trucks cannot make the runaway ramps

The grade going down to Pagosa is a 7% grade; going up or down is tough and it is always rough to see these vehicles sitting on the side of the mountain

After reaching the summit, we took a small hike to see Treasure Falls.

a nice easy walk of about a mile

The water fall would be spectacular in the spring and was still pretty impressive in late July

Near the summit was also a side gravel road to Lobo overlook, so we decided to take a look

The dead trees are a result of the pine beetle

The views from Lobo overlook were breathtaking

Looking south toward Wolf Creek Pass and New Mexico

after that side trip, we are going to need to find a car wash!

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