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Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Day of Hiking- Big Meadow Recreation Area- South Fork, Colorado

Our hike for today located about ten miles from South Fork on 160; it is a very long hike, so we have decided to do 2.5 miles up and then back--5 miles; the trail length is over 11 miles.  I like that they posted the tracks to look at for :)

The trail really begins at Big Meadow Reservoir, a popular place for fishing and primitive camping.
Much of the first part of the trail ran along the lake.
well, this looks easy...there is still a dot of snow on the distant mountains
a beautiful day for a hike

the trail veers away from the lake after awhile and starts climbing

We love it when we come across signs like these :)
Jeanette pondering over the warning.
there were several steep climbs that made us think we are getting too old!

It is a beautiful hike; too bad those pine beetles destroyed so much of the forest
After 2.5 miles we stopped for lunch; the trail flowed a creek.  The forest had so many fallen trees and overgrowth that it was hard to make our way to a spot...but we found a nice little area
where we could meditate a bit
and enjoy our lunch
the water was cold and clear

butterflies were everywhere  as well as some pesky flies
this butterfly found him a spot to rest

I don't always share my sandwiches with insects but....

heading back to the car...oh, our knees!
a peek at the creek we were following; too bad the trail just didn't go along the banks of it instead of up and down :)
there were several waterfalls that we could not get to
Of course how can you not enjoy walking in fields of flowers !
so delicate

these guys were the only wildlife we saw today
Storm clouds are on schedule...summer monsoons usually pop up around 2, but we got a good hike in !

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A day of Hiking - Fork Lake Trail - South of South Fork, Colorado

So driving out of South Fork on hwy 160 about 8 miles outside of town is a pull over on the right; Lake Fork Trail, a great hiking trail.  There was no trail map at the beginning of the hike, but they did have a kiosk with some information...not sure if that meant to be aware of these creatures on the hike

Then this sign was posted at the beginning of the trail...well, do we dare? 

No worries

The hike follows a creek the entire way.  since we had no trail info, we set a 2.5 mile limit using our fitbits.  It is always nice to have a creek along a hike.

Would probably rate this hike as moderate; there is some climbing involved

and rock slides to deal with

evidently this is not the most popular trail in the area

There were a series of small waterfalls along the way

and pretty flowers in  bloom 

this may be a berry interesting hike. We started off seeing wild raspberries and ended up seeing at least another dozen types. 

Click on any picture to enlarge. another  debris slide
and then more alpine setting

Yes, we like watching water

so we sat a spell resting after all that climbing

This is the point we reached after 2.5 miles.  We met a couple coming down and they said the trail was suppose to end at a lake but after two hours they had given up. Plus, the clouds were starting to gather

a lot of different terrain on this hike

I was such a gentleman that I loaned her my flannel shirt when it began to rain. She looked like a homeless person in it.

Then it really started to  rain

Time to get off the mountain and head back