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Monday, February 1, 2016

Tucson, Arizona- Sabino Recreation Area - Bear Canyon - Seven Falls Hike

The round trip to 7 Falls is 8 miles...however, our fitbit showed it was 10 miles round trip.  It was an all day adventure!

it is a beautiful day!

let's roll! and no comments about that fanny pack!  They are all the rage these days on trails.  Much easier to carry than a backpack.

you can see the trail that leads into Bear Canyon

you have several stream crossings along the way

and plenty of nice secluded spots

We hiked this during the weekday in late January.  As you can see the trail is quite popular.

The trail follows Bear Creek
Let's make a Western Movie here 
a desert flower

the last 30 min of the trail required some steady footwork
the first glimpse of on picture to will see people down there to help with the scale of these beautiful falls
click and enlarge it to see all the falls and of the prettiest falls we have seen...spectacular

heading home...

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