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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tucson, Arizona- Catalina State Park - Romero Pools Hike

Quite a few trails to choose from; we are doing the Romero Pools hike. Due to recent rain and snow melt, there should be a waterfall to see and some pools. Our fitbits logged it as ten mile round trip!
first, you have to forge the stream...we found some logs and rocks to get across on; otherwise you have to take off your shoes and roll up the pants.
the next challenge---a lot of these stairs
after the stairs, we ran into a very rocky path; sometimes it was hard to see where the trail led :)  Click on any picture to enlarge it
elevation gain is somewhere around 1,200 on this hike, so that is a whole lot of climbing; however, it was worth it because the views were beautiful

yes, you have to watch your step while taking in the view

Still climbing
A natural campsite on a ridge sheltered from the wind

Watch out for pricks on the trail
several types of flowers were blooming in February at 6,000 feet.  See the red bark?
Trying to make an arty shot while eating a sandwich and composing the overture for new opera.
some snow higher up
on the ridge, the hiking was much easier
yes, that is the trail

Lots of nice plants on the hike

up and evidently down
there's our peek at the have to do some research to see if any trails will take us there; it was huge; bet is is amazing up close and personal

The Romero Pools are pretty neat; the water does not look deep but a good foot or two and crystal clear. The areas of the pool where water lands are three to six feet in spots. Deep enough for a soak.

small falls at the pools

Let's head back to the car.

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