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Monday, January 18, 2016

Tucson, Arizona Sabino Canyon Tram and Phoneline Trail

Instead of hiking up into the canyon, we opted for the tram ride.  For ten bucks it was a bargain.
There are nine bridges to cross over
The water is not from a spring but rather snow melt from Mt. Lemmon
At each crossing, you have an option to get out out and explore then hop back on the next tram

it is a beautiful ride

we hop off the tram to get some hiking done.
sit back and relax; we will do the hard work for you :)

This guy ran across Chuck Norris at a point on the trial where  the trail was only 14" wide but here a 350' drop off on one side. Chuck jumped over the side.
the trail we came up with snow in the distance
the trail was a bit rocky and narrow

amazing views and interesting rock formations; happy it was not just cacti at every turn :)

you can see the trail clearly that is taking us back to the parking lot!

let's shoot s western here
Upper valley
These guys do not start putting out heir first arm until they are seventy years old
a good glimpse of the river below us that we crossed over on the tram.
we made it down and got to meander a bit by the creek.
it was a beautiful day in January for a hike...low 70's can't be beat.  The 10 mile hike was a bit exhausting though ...

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