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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tucson, Arizona- Mt Lemmon - Sky Island Scenic Byway

A "must do" drive if you are in the Tucson area.  We did this drive a few years back and already have a blog on it but never did a hike there.  There are suppose to be several nice trails.  It is a beautiful day, so let's go.

The drive begins with those giant saguaro cactus in lowlands desert
at 4,000 feet the terrain starts to change
love the blue sky days out here! and no this is not photo enhanced :)

the vistas are amazing up here...that little indentation to the right is sabino canyon where we had a nine mile hike the other day.

around 5000 ft start seeing snow and realize today may not be a good day to go hiking :)
nope, don't think we will be able to find a trail at this point.  When we were here two years ago about this time, there was no snow. Goes to show you...hike it when you can..
the sky meets the road several times

If you understand geology. follow the wall down the canyon
you can see the road we came up on in lower left

Windy Point Vista is the perfect stop with some amazing views and interesting rocks
If you have kids, don't let them roam...sheer drop offs here.

the next stop is Hoodoo Vista
here is the explanation of what a hoodoo is

breathtaking with the contrast of snow!

Nobody voodoos like the hoodoos in you do

tried to make a snowman but the snow was ice packed :(
this sight was amazing..snow melt that froze; you have to click the pic and see this enlarged!!

The snow melts in the waterfall at daytime but freezes during the night
would love to have the grandkids right here, right now

...and bears ...oh, my!

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  1. Wow Gods creations!!!! Beautiful I have lived in phoenix 26 years and never been to this beautiful place definitely a trip to make!!!! Thanks for sharing! Xxoo