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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tucson, Arizona Desert Museum

A big bang for your buck, located on east side of Tucson.It is a bit pricey but worth every penny.    It is a zoo, a botanical garden, a museum, an is a lot of things ( click the pic to enlarge). They also have an amazing gallery to visit.  If you have kids with you, it is an all day adventure...otherwise, schedule at least half a day.
the volunteers were all over the park with information and animals for kids to see up close.

they had a good little aquarium

these guys are called garden eels...never saw them before but  mesmerzing

the cacti garden was well done

The hummingbird house was impressive; over 10 different hummingbirds; click to enlarge this guy...he is amazing

there were nice sculptures throughout the park...can you see the real bird?

they had an amazing frog display


another unusual bird

female cardinal
it was hard to capture this guy with the netting they had...but can you see him?

there was an impressive reptile and spider house; glad we have not run across any of these on our hikes!

this was pretty cool...a walk through time from the beginning of the earth to the present plus a cave to walk through

this is an example of petrified mud...

beautiful views throughout the park

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