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Friday, January 15, 2016

New camp in Tucson, Az

New of the laundries and fitness room

One of the laundries ( click on any picture to enlarge)

Two pictures of the fitness room

one of the pools





a game room with lady serving ROOT BEER FLOATS


Get you some propane

Get your RV fixed

or RV parts

or buy your self a weekender

or a Jeep

Citrus trees everywhere

Huge park. looking down only one of the rows

You know you want a windshield like this!

another pool and playground
I thought my marriage was secure until she met someone slightly more interesting  than me

good in park entertainment at the dinner show
Our patio....yes we have oranges

or a choose a pull through site covered by HUGE solar panels

Park under one of the HUGE solar panels

No RV? no a cabin

One pool

or the store

Game room where the lady is serving ROOT BEER FLOATS

get your propane here
And if God gives you a site loaded wit hLemon trees...Make lemonade.....or margaritas

1 comment:

  1. Man. I finally am able to get on your website!!! .beautiful rv park how long in Tucson? Your so close yet so far lol. playing Sunday show your support!!! Were going to buffalo wings in Prescott huge party!!!!! Love you be safe can't wait to see you and Wayne!! Xxooxxo. Lori..