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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Green Valley, Arizona - Madera Canyon - Bog Springs Hike

Approaching Madera Canyon; about 30 miles south of Tucson. Still a bit of snow on the higher elevations.
The trail selection is huge; we choose Bog Springs.  There was a rescue operation underway further up the mountain for some hikers.  Hoping they found them.
it is just hard to realize we are in Arizona right now :)

The trail starts off easy; there is an elevation gain from this point on...up we go. 

the trail was very pretty

no, that is not a lake; it is part of the local copper mines...but amazing you can see it so clearly.The area shown is also home to the Titan Missile Base, which is suppose to have a great museum reliving the cold war era ( heck, younger people may not know anything about that) . 

our trail ended at a spring ---which was kinda disappointing because it was just a concrete well... but the hike had great views of surrounding mountains and was a good workout!  We climbed 89 flights of stairs according to our fitbit!
okay, so this is not the spring...after we came back to the parking area, we crossed the street...what a great place with no elevation change :)

next time we are taking this trail along Madera Creek!

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