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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Austin, Texas- River Place Nature Trail

Some of the best hiking we have had since leaving Colorado.  This hike is located off 2222 close to 620 in a subdivision called River Place.  We started at the top right on the Canyon Trail; then followed the Upper Panther Trail to the Lower Panther Trail and then turned right at the Little Fern Trail.

Easy start, but the first mile and a half had a lot of steps; a lot of going up and down, but at least it has shade.

Coming up on a curvy path

a lot of water crossings, but no water :(

Seriously, there are a lot of steps!  To the left is where there would be a creek...there were several up and down climbs along the first mile of the trail.  Trail was well maintained though. 

 One of the best hikes in Austin area for getting in some serious elevation changes Here is a peek of the golf course from the trail.
Interesting hike ...

finally some flat ground!  The creek is to the right which you walk along for quite a way.

If you click and enlarge this, to the left you will see an American Beauty bush; there were a lot of them along the Lower Panther Creek

there is a warning sign we have not seen before :)

a natural spring feeds this pool

Different rock strata in this cliff

Overall, must do hike; great challenges, interesting things to look at

we'll be back...maybe when it is ten degrees cooler :)

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