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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Austin, Texas : Mansfield Dam Park

A very nice park on Lake Travis.  10 bucks a car or free if you are over 62 :)  They do have 6 primitive campsites, but mainly it is a place to launch boats, swim, have a picnic, or practice diving.
The nature walk-  this sidewalk takes you along all the sights of the park.  To walk the entire length is about 2 miles.  It is a nice walk, mainly shady.
The section of the nature walk was nicely done with markers for different trees etc...

The shore line
Lake Travis as seen from Hudson Bend Peninsula 

a passing boat made some waves.
did a little wading and yes, it felt great!

one of the swimming areas; the picnic are is up along that hill
Lots of places to have a picnic; this site had a nice view and close to swimming area
Time to put those brisket and ribs on! You can see the dam in the background.
Mansfield Dam as seen from lake
The swimming area; it is always amazing how clear the water is in the Hill Country

The black vultures really liked the swimming area
A turkey vulture in flight 

Looking for handouts

nice to have that as a park amenity
Huge playground for kids plus a big rock climbing wall to tire them out in case swimming did not do the trick :)

now wouldn't that be nice to have a backyard like this!

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