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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Watching the River Flow: A hike along the Arkansas River, Buena Vista, Colorado

Walking the old railroad which follows the Arkansas River; spoiler alert, if you don't like a lot of river pics...then this blog ain't for you :)  It is our last day in Buena Vista, Colorado; we will miss this place :(

we saw several kayaks in the river...looks like fun

fly fishing is really, really huge here...we could learn that:)

Our hike took us through a national forest campground...this is a winner on the Arkansas River and what a view!

another great camping spot
the previous campers made an amazing camp oven and even left some firestarter for the next soul

the perfect way to end a day

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ptarmigan Lake Hike - Buena Vista Colorado

About 15 miles from Buena Vista on Cottonwood Pass Road.  About a 6 mile round trip with an elevation gain of 1,471 feet.

Early September, 44 degrees at 8 am bundled up and ready to go :-)
Into the woods we go
over a bridge
and a slow but steady ascent; the forest is really lush seeing this has been a good year of rain for this part of Colorado.

first rock slide to cross...yes, there is still a trail there...
and then back into the forest
second rock slide
just have to watch your step
up close and personal on the trail...
glad we are finished with those rock slides...
no not even interested in what that that tastes like; anything that red has to be bad for you
the first pond you come to
heading up to the treeline to the lake now

another pond to the right

yes, still heading up; this is a very long three miles
another pond you pass
and up again
almost there
The highest we have hiked; somewhere around 12,184 feet ...amazing we can still breathe :)

the lake; the view; the solitude!
A Pika we saw
Above the tree line

Usually going down is easier but the rocks made you watch your every step