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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Traveling to Independence Pass Colorado from Hwy 82 going west from Twin Lakes

Driving up to Independence Pass from the east on 82 on the way to a hike. Twin Lakes gets its name from the two nearby lakes that join each other . There is a gas station, a general store, and a lodge and a few cabins. Aspen is about 50 miles going this way.

a good road on this side of the pass; the road after the summit is suppose to turn your knuckles white.  So we decided to only go to the summit seeing our hike is right by there and we may be adventurous but not brave enough for knuckle-turning-white-passes

a very serious sign; we are in the jetta; no worries.

Going up the road gets a bit more exciting.  If this is the good part of the road, can you imagine what the worst may look like?!

Don't Jeanette Look Cute?

at the summit- 41 degrees in mid August
a view of the road we came up
Looking towards Aspen from the summit; we believe the haze is from wildfires in Washington or Aspen has a serious issue with pollution.
another view from the summit

on a clearer day you have amazing views of several peaks...just be sure to wear a parka up here :)
Glad I aired up my tires before we headed up!

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