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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Leadville, Colorado Boom Days Celebration

"Leadville Boom Days" is a  historical celebration of the Old West , with gunslingers, burro races, contests, car shows, and a street fair with a multitude of food and craft booths.  Leadville is two miles above sea level at 10.200 ft.  It is about 25 min. north of Buena Vista.  When we got there at 9 am it was 55 degrees, and it didn't warm up much throughout the day :).
Several side streets were packed with vendors.

People gathering for the parade

This is a big gathering
You have your cowboys
Your sheriff

Your Mountain Men
A lot of people just dress the era for fun

A lot of historic buildings

Like their Neon
Older guys were captivated by the dance hall girls
even an aerial show over main street to start the parade

The opera hose was doing a presentation on sasquatch
Mule sure was vocal
The next two pictures were from a club

they were interesting
The car show
Boom towns mean money and some nice houses are left behind

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