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Friday, August 7, 2015

Kroenke Lake Hike, Buena Vista Colorado

We found this trail in a hiking resource; it said easy to moderate 8.6 round trip...leading to a a beautiful alpine  lake with an elevation climb of 1,660 ft.  It sounded like a long hike, but we were game.  Yep, it starts off very easy. Our fit bit tracked us at over ten miles round trip rather than the 8.6 and the trail difficulty,  moderate to challenging for most the way.  Due to the lighting and shadows, you may need to enlarge the pics...

Who would not want to walk along a creek like this?
and then it changes...up we go
and then it changes...

and then it out, just one misstep...
but then the creek comes back and keeps us good company and gives us motivation to keep going

the water is clear and very cold

crossing streams..yeah it looks like you could step over...but no...balance act on the tree poles

up again
 we started at 9,935 ft...we are going to 11,600 up we go; surely that lake is just right around the corner , right????
nope, and then it changes back to this...
and then this...yep that is the trail to the left...climbing rocks at this point...if we were smart we would have turned around at this point.  However, a goal is a goal, so on we go slowly; at the altitude it is hard to catch your breath.

Finally, an alpine meadow

whew, we made it :)

time for lunch; peanut butter never tasted so good!

On the Continental Divide; too bad there is not an escalator going down :)

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