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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just a Sunday Drive: Tennessee Pass, Camp Hale, Red Cliff, Shrine Pass

Leaving Leadville on Hwy 24 towards Tennessee Pass

Tennessee Pass is near Old Camp Hale , a military training post from World War II that enabled training for forces to have "real" mountain experience.  The 10th suffered heavy casualties during the PoValley Campaign in Italy.

You can read more about Camp the pic...they still use some of the area for training today.

There are some remains of Camp Hale

some foundation remains of their entertainment hall

back on the road

Everywhere you go here, is "pull over: let me take a picture"

Aspens let you know that fall is not too far to see

A detour off the main road now...heading into a town called Red Cliff

Looks like it has seen its better days some time ago

Heading out of Red Cliff on a dirt road, well, really it is half rock.

Don't think we will get out of the car, thank you

At the summit of Shrine Pass

Shrine Pass takes you to I 70 just east of Vail ; looking towards Denver...we haven't seen an interstate in a month!

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