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Monday, August 31, 2015

Denny CreekTrail - Buena Vista, Colorado

Drove ten minutes of Buena Vista this morning and picked out a trail called Denny Creek Trail

notice the bushes are starting to change colors.

The main trail from this trail goes to the top of Mt. Yale. 

Mt.Yale is over 14, 100 ft. Don't worry. We are not that ambitious. We are going to stroll up the creek.
The beginning of the trail is a steady steep incline with lots of rocks

finally some level, easy walking ground!

The trail follows this creek

and a sign of fall; it was 55 degrees during our hike in late August :)

This rotting log has decayed enough to give life anew to other things. (click on any picture to enlarge)

and more climbing
and bridges to cross; well, more like balance beams :)

some crossings only require stepping on stones to cross

We will be going straight.
and up of course

Last day of August and you still see snow patches on the Continental Divide.

Getting high enough out of the valley and trees to start having vistas

Taking a break after 2.5 miles

I've picked out this blue spruce for my Christmas tree this year

Mount Princeton is in the background.

Storm clouds are starting to gather, so will have to cut this hike short...going down a bit earlier than we that lake was right around the corner too!!  Darn the weather.

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