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Friday, August 28, 2015

Day Trip : From Buena Vista to Crested Butte

Taking a shortcut from Buena Vista to Crested Butte...that means you have to go over Cottonwood Pass.  It is going to save us 45 min or let's hit the road.
Coming near the top of Cottonwood Pass, you can see that guard rail has been dinged a few times or two.  The road is paved from Buena Vista to the top of the pass and is really not that bad.
After the summit, you are on a very nice gravel road.
Twenty miles later, you come to Taylor Lake Reservoir.  We went camping here with our kids some 30 years ago; still just as pretty.

Leaving the reservoir south, the Taylor River is going to give us some nice company.

A lot of camping along this beautiful river..

Even found us a little trail down to the river's edge.

Rosehips along the trail

Can never get too many shots of a river, right?!

Going down the road...
We took one shortcut through a valley where they were growing a lot of hay
And here we are at Crested has grown a lot in 30 years, but it still retains charm.

lots of shopping here and places to eat and places to buy fudge and places to buy t-shirts...but we are leaving to go up Keebler Pass...stay tuned for that...

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