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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chalk Cliffs and a Ghost Town

We took a day drive past the Chalk Cliffs going up Mt. Princeton and end up in St. Elmo which is considered a ghost town. If we had been going over Tin Cup Pass, we would have ended up in Tin Cup which I suppose could be a ghost town if not for the jeep and ATV industry. I see a lot of mountain towns in Colorado which I think could be ghost towns in five to fifteen years. Just because no one lives in these buildings does not mean that they are not still owned by families or such. So you can't just go in and pillage. You still must respect private ownership rights.

The Chalk Cliffs. We are on way to hike up to a waterfall.

If you see the water in the lower center, that's where we were going to hike to today. The trail is Agnes Vaille Falls. The trail is closed because a rock slide killed five family members. A high school girl who was also a member of the family survived with injuries.  So, we drove on up the mountain to St. Elmo

Many old buildings in St. Elmo

An old wood burning cook stove sits near a wood burning heating (?) stove

The two wood burning stoves were on this foundation. (Click on any picture to enlarge)

Flowers growing in an old building

Stark Bros Store and Post Office

Mining artifacts

Stone wall of building

Used to have some of these when I was a kid living in Galveston, Texas but we had concrete sidewalks.

Careful now.
This brewery operated from 1898 - 1975

Can was full.

The old schoolhouse sits under this cliff.

The Creek that runs through town

The old bridge that crosses the creek that runs through town.

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