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Monday, August 10, 2015

Buena Vista Area: Old Mining Towns - Vicksburg, Winfield, and Crescent Mining Camp

Clear Creek Reservoir, 20 miles north of Buena Vista off of County Road 390.  The road is going to take us up the middle of this pic to some old mining towns.
it is a rough gravel, bumpy, dusty ride, but at least we are driving and not hiking up :)

The old mining town of Vicksburg was very interesting.  At its peak, it had close to 700 people. The buildings are well preserved seeing people still own them and use them.  Vicksburg was founded in 1867 with a discovery of  gold in the creek. In its heyday, Vicksburg had a post office, school, a blacksmith. two hotels, two billiard halls, several saloons, a general store, an assay office, and a livery stable. The stage coach stopped along the way as well. Ditches were dug on either side of the street to provide a water system; wooden boxes were built in the ditches to keep food cold and provide water to fight fires.  Most of the buildings that remain are occupied seasonally by family members of the original settlers. 
The old stagecoach road is still here.

and believe it or not the mailboxes are still here!

Early America was built on a great natural resource; wood, our reverence for it and skill in using it. Note the skill
 in crafting the cabin's corners.

Old mining equipment. Here is an air compressor.

a hoist
On the drive in between towns, we could see a waterfall high up on a mountainside and we do you get to that???
and a beaver's home
A bit  down the road are the remains of the Crescent Mining Camp. The mining camp was built in the 1890s during the boom of mining and milling in Clear Creek Canyon. Miners sought mostly gold and silver and attracted about 50,000 residents in the valley at one time.
Their cabins were built to last....we would not mind having one of these.  And you can rent them today to stay away form the hustle and bustle of the city.  n...
Nice porch....we hear water and decided to follow the sound
How amazing to find this by chance! 

Up the road from Crescent is the old mining town of Winfield. The town was founded in 1891.  Silver and copper were the draws. Over 1500 people lived and worked here at one time.  It is hard to believe today. There are still summer residents at some the original  homes. The "hill' in the background is the continental divide.

an old homestead on the creek.
The school.
Inside the school house
Ball's cabin...a typical miner's cabin...

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