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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Horsethief Falls and Pancake Rocks Hike - Divide, Colorado

From the beginning of the trail, the falls are 2.5 miles.
Nice walk with a steady incline

Hanging out with the aspens is nice.  Saw a ton of stuff growing in the moss along trail:

No, we did not pick any of the mushrooms. We were surprised how many varieties we saw. Now back to the hike...

the creek was an indication we are getting closer to the waterfall; plus, we had the added bonus of seeing some pretty wildflowers along the creek

a perfect day to relax by a waterfall..

after enjoying the solitude only a waterfall can give, we headed back

There were several structures like these around the falls for shelter for  backpackers that take "The Ring Around the Peak", which the falls is a apart of.

we saw this sign on our way back, and thought, hey, why not check out Pancake Rocks while we are here. It is only 2 miles, right?!
two miles of this though... which means two miles up and two miles down just to get back to that sign and then another two miles back to the car.. We would have turned around, but other hikers we saw said it was so worth going up this goat path and 6 switchbacks to get to the top.

Yep, a nice view...think we will sit here for a few hours before we have to go down that trail

now to get back to the car...4 miles to go :)

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