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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rock Ledge Ranch: Part II

Other buildings and characters

After the Orchard House, we walked to the Blacksmith Shop

One of four blacksmiths

He is making a "candle" for the kids and teaching them about smithing

click to enlarge and see the candle

we did not tour this house but I like the shot

original homestead

stilt lessons

Kat learned quickly to play a skill game called graces

They were having rice pudding and lemonade for lunch. The kids working on the summer program were learning a lot of skills

the barn and farm

American Indian section

When we told Kannon (four years old) these were real Indians, we got a lot of "Whys?"

At an old homesteaders cabin, the kids learn t work the milk bear

someone got the hang quickly

more stilt lessons

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