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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rock Ledge Ranch Part 1: The Orchard House

The grandkids had a good time doing something educational today:

Rock Ledge Ranch is located next to the Garden of the Gods

Our first stop is the Orchard House in the year 1907. They grew a lot of apples and cherries here.

Meet the cook. We re all assigned roles. I am the owner of the house. I am wealthy and have lived in India and England. In South Africa, I wrote a book on the Flora and Fauna of that country. here in Colorado, I wrote a book on the birds of Colorado. My study is filled with stuffed birds.

Kannon is a guest of the house. He must be shown that if he needs anything, he simply must ring any of the bells.

This time, he only wanted water.

The breakfast room

Click on any picture to enlarge. Check out this opulent nine course meal.

The cook is busy and she needs help.

Two of the kitchen rooms

Colin is assigned a place on the servant staff, He is helping the cook get coal for the oven.

More staff

Katherine is learning to be a laundress. Use the homemade soap to wash..

wring them out...

and hang them to dry

another kitchen room; the pastry room.

used to prep baked goods

Servant's bath but good enough for me
The Mistress's of the house dressing room. Since she was not home, Kat was allowed to try on as many of her hats as she liked.

We toured the house and it was lovely.

Original bannister post light

View from the from porch
Three stories and a basement but the top floor and basement were for servants.

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