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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

San Angelo, Texas River Walk on the Concho River

This is a pretty cool map showing exactly where San Angelo is in case you did not know; love the icons they used !

This is the general area for San Angelo.  We are staying by the lake in the lower left corner.  The lake in the top left corner is part of Angelo State Park.  It suffered greatly during the drought and is pretty darn dry.  The lake by us is full.

So, let's take a walk along the town's river walk.  They did an amazing job!  The Concho River runs alongside of the historic downtown area.  Last year when we stopped here for an overnight, we toured the historic downtown which is on our blog if you are wondering what it looks like.

All the water features along the walk are from the river.

They have this thing with sheep here.  You see them all over.

There are several bridges that go over the river.  We thought how nice it was that the town desigend the underneath of these bridges for places to display art.

looking towards downtown

under this bridge they built a workout area

The entire walk is just beautiful

they had a huge area for playing washers.

Under one bridge you can express yourself musically.

Then under another bridge an art walk display

The artwork was just too cool.

you can see a water slide in the background; this is the new city pool.

Hopscotch anyone?

The pavers on one part of the walk caught our eye.

The Pearl of the Conchos mermaid statue offering a Concho pearl .  In this area  a freshwater mussel species produces  pearls in many colors, famous since the time of the Spanish conquistadors.

another pretty sheep

a more realistic sheep

Right off the trail is a fantastic playground.  We have some grandkids that would love to hang here for several hours.

One of the many pedestrian bridges that cross over the river

some parts of the river trail take you to park trails like this...see ya later :)

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