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Monday, May 25, 2015

Palo Duro Canyon - Amarillo, Texas

another cool map of texas; look closely... love the icons they used and why does Dallas always have a football??
So for our second attempt of going to Palo Duro Canyon, we were once more disappointed that we could not hike the trails.  Due to recent rains, the trails were muddy and covered with water in some places.  Boo!! So we will do the best we can by pulling over and taking pics.

The recent rains did make everything green and provided a nice contrast to the rocks

an explanation of why there are so many colors in those rocks; they had a great visitor center and small museum with informative history and geological exhibits

He looks like he is enjoying his ride
These people though were not enjoying the ride.  Click to enlarge...Their truck had a problem, so they had to unhook their 5th wheel.  The truck is on the tow truck...the rv well, guess they need another tow truck for that. We felt sorry for them.

Signs says "Trail Closed" guess this picture shows a picture of  people who cannot read.  Looks like a hike we would have really loved. 

Believe it or not these are the park cabins.  Cutest park cabins we have seen in awhile.

you know you are hiking in an area that can hit extreme temps when at every trail head there is a temperature gauge.  Today it was overcast and 60...perfect hiking weather, BUT the trails were soooo muddy.

There are a lot of cool formations in this park; most can only be seen while hiking, but this one we caught from the road.

We called it Yoga Prayer...
A Texas Rushmore :)
Well, that was a pretty side trip....looks like a great place to go exploring if the weather is below 80 and there hasn't been any rain.

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