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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Colorado Bend State Park, Bend, Texas Gorman Falls

Colorado Bend State Park has some great camping sites along the Colorado River.

Looking north up the Colorado River

Looking south down the Colorado River ; pretty muddy looking due to recent rains

The top rated hike in the park

It starts off easy enough; it is a 3 mile round trip to the falls

Once more we were happy to see we did not miss the wildflowers.

Saw thousands of these today

This guy is kind of far east

Our Grandson loves these "Wizards"

Rain brought out the wild lilies

Our daughter said all she has ever seen is the yellow/orange blossoms of the prickly pear; here is one for you Jennifer

Do you see the insect?

Love trying to catch butterflies... please click the picture to enlarge it because this butterfly is beautiful!

and yet another 

It is getting harder to tell where the trail is

The more challenging  part of the hike; you see those steel guide wires; you are going to need them

or you can swing from branch to branch as Wayne is doing :)

The only way in and out....
First peek coming down the trail

the falls were stunning; thanks to the recent rains it was the perfect time to visit;this is not a family friendly hike ; it should not  be undertaken when the temps are over 75 degrees...but it was beautiful and worth the effort.

click on any picture to enlarge

Photo op at the falls
Gorman Falls click to enlarge the panoramic view

fun is over; now it is  time to go back.

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