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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Amarillo By Morning

After two weeks on our slow roll towards Colorado Springs, we finally found blue skies :)  We are hanging out in Amarillo for the holiday weekend seeing we could find a spot here ( if you know Amarillo, you will know why the RV parks are not full on a holiday weekend )  We are hoping that with one more sunny day, we can take the 25 mile ride to Palo Duro Canyon and do a bit of hiking for the day.  Basically, there are four things to do here, visit the rv museum ( Jack Sisemore Travel Land -very nice; we have an earlier blog post on this), go to Palo Duro Canyon (as long as it is not raining) ,  look at some Caddies stuck in the dirt, or go watch people try to eat a 72 oz steak at BIG TEXAN Steak Ranch.   Luckily, we did have some interesting neighbors come in this afternoon that put a smile on our face.
Basically, an rv group of women- no pets, no kids, no men.  Their membership is 6,000 strong.  This caravan started in Chicago and is following Route 66 to Venice, CA. Read more about it:

a lot of time and effort went into this cutie

You know you just want to talk to these people that are so creative

If you enlarge, you can see pin ups on the side.

Now this here is a ride

a hudson hornet
The Big Texan Steak House will send a free limo to pick you up. We saw a t least three come out to pick up the sisters.

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