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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Spring Flowers of Tom Bass Regional Park

We have been on a travel break but we have been staying adjacent to a 700 acre park which does not have a lot of showy features or fauna. It made me notice on my daily hikes there the large variety of tiny flowers that you would not notice from the road like our state's showy wildflowers. Many of the blooms are small enough to lay dozens on a single penny.  Others are larger but still too small to be recognized from a distance.

A from of small wild sweet pea complete with pods

small but pretty

These small showy orange flowers could fit several blooms onto a penny. What does that say about the pink flowers in the picture. lick on any picture to enlarge.

a lone poppy in day-glo pink

A white thistle bloom

purple is a popular color

Some form of iris that comes around Easter

It looks ordinary until you start noticing the complexity involved.

More than one type of yellow flower here but the color  is so similar, they blend together

A group of the irises

Clover in red

Our native wild onion

putting out their seed pods

Evening primrose is normally pink as below but I found a patch of white ones.

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