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Monday, August 25, 2014

Walking in Manitou Springs, Co

Beautiful day for a walk so we hike up the hill to downtown.

There is a path that goes to town and you never have to walk along the street or sidewalk. Sometimes the path is quite rural

and sometimes its not

but it always follows this creek

Coud not figure how the dog got up there

The view that Manitou sits under

Ready to go shopping?

Note the clock under the statue (click on any picture to enlarge)

This store had lots of sparking and beautiful things

She blows her own glass right here and the prices were good considering the quality.

Manitou Springs has many free springs downtown. They all have different mineral content. The chamber of commerce will give you a brochure listing the chemical content of each. Some taste awful. I found two today that tasted great.

Hemp this, hemp that 

Note the houses on the hill behind town

Planter boxes add a nice touch

Don't go too far down here or you will end up at a brewery.

You can stay in this pretty inn downtown....

Or you can stay here. 420 friendly means you can smoke pot in your room. You are only a block from Maggie's Farm.

Another view of Garden of the Gods

Remember when Sinclair Stations have dinosaurs? 

Yup, you don't need a prescription.

Keep Manitou Weird? Oh please. Lots of towns use that slogan. Austin , Portland, etc. Guess I'll have to dust off my drums 

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