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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walking Down Ridge Road

I've only seen Ridge Road from a distance (Red Pocks Open Space). It is only two blocks from my RV but it is steep and I could not see over the first crest. Since It was steep, I had a plan to walk from the RV to the Ute Trading Post (very near) which is at one of the entrances of Garden of the Gods. From there we would find a trail to take us up to the crest road and then walk down the roads. Found a wonderful trail but had to loop around on some ridges as there was a deep valley I was not aware of.

Cutting through Garden of the Gods offers so many varied views.

Click on any picture to enlarge. My hiking bud coming up the Strausenback Trail which was one of three we had to link to get up to the crest road.
Magpie sitting on red sandstone

Looking down at the Siamese Twins

It felt like a fall day

Pikes Peak in the distance

View from the Scotsman's Loop Trail

A Yellow flower

Looking across to Red Rocks where the Ridge Road heads to.

I think it was a Mountain Jay but not as bright. Probably a female.

Starting down ridge road

Looking into Manitou Springs from Ridge Road.

Almost to the bottom. And then two blocks to the RV.

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