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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Old Colorado City, Co

Town came before Colorado Springs so its called Old Colorado City. This town was wet and Colorado Springs was dry. We take a Sunday Morning Hike.

Down the Midland Trail to town from the RV Park walking.

Nice old buildings in a living downtown

Ain't but one way out...Think this picture goes with the one below

Nice loft balcony downtown

The second building over is called Front Range BBQ and has an excellent reputation

Trees line downtown

I took close-ups of the logs so I can lecture you on old woodworking techniques

Libraries we're once a source of civic pride

I love old creameries

The closest thing they have to a shopping mall

Nice ride for a summer day
This lady bears an uncanny resembalance to my first wife

One of the restaurants open

This peak dominates a lot of the views for miles around. 

Downtown panorama

This store had too much cool stuff. These are huge. Should have done a selfie to give it some scale

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