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Sunday, August 31, 2014

From Cripple Creek to Victor - Another old mining town

Victor was more of a workman’s town, where the simple people found shelter and comfort while working in the many gold mines in the area.  The area was so rich in gold that an estimated $434,000,000 worth of gold was extracted here, or a whopping 6 billion dollars in today’s money.

The buidings are nicely preserved, but most are empty shells.  There is a great bakery in town and a few other small shops.

The old theater 

Peeked in the front door and I could se the ticket booth inside

Busted in the bakery

Ample parking in Victor. After Victor, we drove up to Goldfield, Co which is different.
Click to enlarge and see the gilding on the building.
Satisfaction Guaranteed at a liquor store ??
A few of the buildings had seen better days.

Leaving Victor

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day Trip To Cripple Creek , Colorado

It was a beautiful day, so we took a day trip to Cripple Creek.  Leaving Manitou Springs, headed north on 24.

In Woodland Park, the other side of Pike's Peak...looks like a bit of snow fell last night :)

From Woodland Park, going south on 67...a beautiful drive.

Yep, that is Cripple Creek below us.

Beautiful mountains in the far background.  Cripple Creek is at 9,494 elevation, so you know those mountains in the distance are pretty dang high!

Nice welcome sign

but hey wait...
Kind of a bummer when the main downtown street is under major road rennovation!!
Well, we will capture what we can... (click on any picture to enlarge)

enlarge so you can read the sign...cute

repainted --original done in 1800's

they did a great job at renovating the historic buildings

The town is filled with log cabins and pretty Victorian homes...we call this pretty in pink :)

Some grand houses during their time

Cripple Creek had a lot of nice churches. I loves the metal roof on the steeple of this Roman Catholic  Church.

If you are going to park at the court house, set your parking brake.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walking Down Ridge Road

I've only seen Ridge Road from a distance (Red Pocks Open Space). It is only two blocks from my RV but it is steep and I could not see over the first crest. Since It was steep, I had a plan to walk from the RV to the Ute Trading Post (very near) which is at one of the entrances of Garden of the Gods. From there we would find a trail to take us up to the crest road and then walk down the roads. Found a wonderful trail but had to loop around on some ridges as there was a deep valley I was not aware of.

Cutting through Garden of the Gods offers so many varied views.

Click on any picture to enlarge. My hiking bud coming up the Strausenback Trail which was one of three we had to link to get up to the crest road.
Magpie sitting on red sandstone

Looking down at the Siamese Twins

It felt like a fall day

Pikes Peak in the distance

View from the Scotsman's Loop Trail

A Yellow flower

Looking across to Red Rocks where the Ridge Road heads to.

I think it was a Mountain Jay but not as bright. Probably a female.

Starting down ridge road

Looking into Manitou Springs from Ridge Road.

Almost to the bottom. And then two blocks to the RV.