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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sandia Crest Trail; Sandia Mnts- Albuquerque New Mexico

We tried to do this hike a few weeks ago, but the national forest was closed due to extreme fire danger.  With the onset of the monsoon season though they have gotten quite a bit of rain so it reopened.  Today's hike will be about 2 miles along the crest of the Sandia Mnts.  Beautiful day; 59 degrees, sunny.

wise advice

They call this the "rift"

click to enlarge to see downtown Albuquerque; it is in the center right

the trail begins

along the way, pretty wildflowers dot the path

the trail gets a bit more rustic
such a variety of wildflowers

going up

it smells so good here
The trail eventually leads away into a forest; hard to believe the desert is a 15 minute trip

These flowers drew many bees. Click (any picture) to enlarge to see the bees

They were tall flowers

CCC cabin built in 1936 on edge of cliff at the peak.

Two types of wild onions grow on the crest. This is a Gibbons Onion. The taste is exotic and a little goes a long way.

A birdie

These bees are a type I have never seen before

We came back on the cliff your step!

Don't wear your big old heels hiking on the cliff trail.

Alpine Summer

what a view

Wayne leading the way, you go first dear :)

a cute little birdie

It is so relaxing to walk through a forest hearing birds sing as you breathe pine scented air

a red headed woodpecker; we could hear them a good distance away; notice all the holes he has made above him

more wildflowers

Another one of those bees

Alpine Meadow

the ski run

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