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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument - Ancient Ruins of Abo - New Mexico

Along the Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway, about an hour southeast of Albuquerque, are 3 sites of ruins which make up the Sites of Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument Those are the Manzano Mountains in the distance.

Panoramic view showing the building 700 year old stone rubble in the mounds
The first ruin we stopped at was  the ruins of Abo'.  These  pueblo ruins date back to the 1300s.  Abo' was a thriving pueblo community when the Spaniards arrived in 1622 and began converting the Indians.  The church ruins are clearly visible today.

the walls stand 40 ft.  tall

 The pueblo village of Abo that was in existence before the church was built has not been excavated due to religious beliefs of the ancestors.  The mounds or hills is where the pueblo existed at one time.

The mounds are where the abandoned pueblos collapsed

click and enlarge, you can see the pueblo itself was quite established.

When the pueblo was occupied and operated as a center for trade trade , the source of water was a spring next to their village.   A long lasting drought eventually forced the village and the mission to move on. 

an interesting tidbit about some of their pottery
In 1853, during an exploration of this site, a  Major J.H. Carelton wrote : " The tall ruins standing in solitude had an aspect of sadness and gloom."  Today, that same feeling permeates the land surrounding what once held  a thriving pueblo community.

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