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Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Albuquerque Drug Store. A Saturday in town. Part 1

Jeanette rolls up out of bed.....late as usual....yawns over her coffee...and asks "what are your plans today"....I tell her my plans are for to get ready and get in the car so we can do an impromptu roll down route 66....the first stop for breakfast and shopping is a .......drug store....

Click on any picture to enlarge. There were eight ladies working the soda fountain and they only fixed heathy stuff.

When I saw the lady making homemade tortillas, I had to order some . The red chili is not the grease stew we Texans eat.  They ship sauce world wide.

My breakfast taco and Jeanette's green chili stew.

Nothing beats a fresh, thick homemade tortilla.

After breakfast, we go shopping in the drug store.

My favorite candles are Gi Joes and flamingos

nice local glassware

Every woman needs rain boots

Bought a lot of soap but not this

cool personal stuff

shaving with your flask

Got to look sharp guys

hand sanitizers

stash boxes

personal toiletries 


Thought it was sacred stuff but not for me

for my bald friends

Oh, yeah...what?

wine stuff

just stuff for great stocking stuffers

You got friends that play guitar, right?

Screw shopping, where is the candy?

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