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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Albuquerque New Mexico - Botanical Gardens

The entrance to the Biopark is artfully designed with these weather vanes

Garden Sculpture: Rescuing a Cat

Early Spanish Garden home in New Mexico

the gardens have a section called Fantasyland for children.  This is a huge maze. We got separated

Beautiful Courtyard

first stop the rose garden; so we stop and smell the roses for a bit

This beautiful specimen is related to the hibiscus; it is called a mallow

Don't know what they are but they are pretty

Different kinds of daisies

 another mallow

Bug in water lily

They rent this out for weddings

Passion Vines and Latana against stucco. You can put his in your garden!

Some plants don't look real

These hard little boots could capture water and bugs

This section of botanical gardens featured a wonderful exhibit of an old homestead, complete with a vegetable garden, vineyard, apple orchard, animals.  They did an exceptional job!

Purple bell peppers (up front) and second in flavor only to brown bell peppers

Billy goat gruff

many beautiful, healthy produce gardens
Artichokes bloom?

Many plants in one pot. Inspiration for you patio gardeners.
G scale railroad imitating New Mexico

Bridge of Sighs  - Japanese Gardens


Blue butterfly in flight; those guys were super fast...look close and you will see it
This guy loved the camera; most of those butterflies where to fast to catch


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