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Monday, July 7, 2014

A trip down Route 66 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

One of the best preserved sections of Route 66 lies in Albuquerque. Also known as the "Mother Road", the old neon signs still glow and urge customers to stop, shop, relax, eat ,or just stay for a bit. 

Driving into Albuquerque from the west on Route 66.

Kuddos to their preservation committee! Click on any picture to enlarge.

a lot of hotel options
a great place to eat!

This hotel had some artwork in the courtyard even.

they kept up this place very well.

another place to stop and eat

a once busy hotel
too bad this one has fallen into disrepair.

Has some great reviews on being one of the best places to eat here.

Entertainment is still ongoing at the ElRay

 This is suppose to be amazing inside- a fully restored theatre.

a great coffee spot--

Route 66 runs through downtown. What an excellent blend of old and new buildings.  The downtown area is pristine. 

Once you go through downtown on Route 66, you pass the University of New Mexico.  This section of Route 66 has some different shopping.

a comic book store

a lot of stuff in this store
more shopping options

Another great place to eat right across the street from the college.  It is always packed.

another theater restored

coffee shop
yet another coffee shop

believe it or not another theater that has been restored and is in use

car wash

See the tail wag?

Central (Old 66) skirts a huge old Santa Fe Complex at downtown

You can run up to Santa Fe cheap on these commuters or take Amtrak for longer treks.

They need just a little more color

Pretty ladies walking along the Nob Hill section

I know why people go to these Beatles movies...They go to sing along out loud with the songs (seriously)

Move along now folks...nothing more to see here

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