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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Portales, New Mexico - Blackwater Draw Archeological Site

About eleven thousand years ago, a small spring-fed lake or marsh near what is now Portales, New Mexico was populated with extinct forms of elephant, wolf, bison and horse, and the people who hunted them. This site was one of the most important archeological finds to understanding the people and environment that existed then.  CLICK to read; it is quite interesting.

The trail leads down to the site.

On the way down to the site, we saw this beautiful tree. Never have seen one like this.

They built a structure over the site to help preserve it.  It was quite impressive.

molars from a mammoth....can you imagine how huge those creatures were?

some fragments of the mammoths they have found here

part of a tusk

Click on any picture to enlarge. The Paleo Indians were not conservations. If they needed 4  bison but ran 100 off a cliff least they ate that week. The diagram shows human artifacts (spear points, scapers, etc found in the mound of bison bones

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  1. Kannon is having hard time with the word "tusk"....but what a cool place to visit.