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Monday, June 23, 2014

Clovis, New Mexico- some rock-n-roll history

a pretty interesting little museum here-- the home of the "clovis sound"

Norman and his wife Vi had several national hits as recording artists before he became a recording engineer.

Entrance into museum
Watch them dance while you listen to some tunes.

Jeanette chilling before the tour

Texas know him...right?   If you guessed Waylon Jennings...

Norman on left, Buddy Holly on right.

Fender autographed by the Crickets who influenced the Beatles.

Know I know why Roy Orbison wore those dark, dark glasses.

Sonny West's mail order Silvertone. $21.50

Hardcore 60's. Love the cats on the console.

Norman Petty Recordings studios. Buddy Holly,  Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings,  LeAnn Rimes, etc. The colored boxes  in the drawer on the lower right are vacuum tubes. Norman Petty engineered this studio and was known for the clarity of sound.

The Fireballs hated Norman adding the cheesy little synthetic Keyboard on "Sugar Shack"  right up until it became a national #1  hit.

Norman Petty is squatting next to Paul McCartney and in front of Elton John. Norman was invited to Paul's English Estate as true Beatles were so heavily influenced by his recording techniques with Buddy Holly.  A lot of other people look familiar here. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Old DJ station from the Top 40 days

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  1. Amazing who is tucked away in small towns, sure that couple had some interesting stories from their lifetime. Kannon likes the the old Silvertone...especially at that price.