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Monday, June 30, 2014

Coronado National Monument

Coronado Historic Site and the ruins of Kuaua Pueblo are about twenty minutes north of  Albuquerque in Bernalillo.

The ruins of the once thriving ancient pueblo sat alongside the Rio Grande.

 Kuaua was the northernmost of the twelve villages.  Its name means "evergreen" in Tiwa.  It was first settled around 1325 and was occupied by approximately 1,200 people when Coronado arrived in the area.  In the 1930's, archeologists were trying to trace Coronado's trip and came upon the remains of a very rich civilization instead.  The pueblo or village had been dug but refilled and an attempt to reconstruct the village has been made. We had an excellent guide for the tour .

some reconstructed walls that lie on top of the original which are buried underneath.
a model showing what the living quarters would be like
We have no intent to mess with any rattlers.  You can see the outline of the living quarters well here.  They would have been three stories high an apartment complex in a way.  The woman built the houses. 
the plaza area
The main kiva in the pueblo.  The men were the ones that built it and they were the only ones allowed in it.  This was a very sacred place.  The archeologists found an amazing discovery here- some of the finest examples of pre-columbian art ever found in North American.  The murals that were painted on the walls were carefully removed in slabs for further research.
We did get to go down into the kiva and see a recreation of the murals that were discovered here.  Sadly no photos allowed.  The museum at the site has several of the original drawings on display though and they are breath taking.

Pottery Shards

Looking at how the buildings were constructed

It used to be a village

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Petroglyphs National Momumnet Albebuquerque, New Mexico - Boca Nega Canyon

Due to the afternoon heat, we had to divide up our hikes in the Petroglyph National Monument.  This is our day 2 journey exploring the Boca Nega Canyon. 

There has to be a story with this one...

We saw a lot of stars on this hike vs the Piedras Marcades Canyon.  It would be something to know what these all meant.  Research can only say they were a form of communication or recording of events or ideas.

They believe this is an a yucca pod--not wayne, the drawing.  So it makes you just wonder why draw an ancient yucca pod; maybe it was just art for them as well.

Enlarge so you can see all three better.

a family portrait?

It does not look like you should mess with this guy


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Albuquerque Farmer's Market

We have not been at one this nice since Salem, Or.  The farmer's market is held in downtown every Saturday from 7 until noon.

all the produce was beautiful.

You pay how ever little or as much as you feel 

They had the best homemade lemonade!

Blender on the back of bike churns your smoothie as you pedal

Someone has a glow about her this morning

Too tempting...but we managed to get away from that stand before we bought one of everything.

Bought some of these....Love em

The goddess maker

Friday, June 27, 2014

Petroglyph National Monument - Albuquerque, New Mexico- Piedras Marcadas Canyon

This national moument spans over 17 miles and  is divided into four hiking sections.  We toured the Piedras Marcades Canyon today.  The name means "canyon of carved rocks". Though it is only a mile and half in hiking length, we spent nearly three hours exploring.  The great thing about this trail was they allow you get up close to the petroglyphs; you have to climb and search for them which we found out took some time.
most of the images below were created 400 to 700 years ago by ancestor's of today's Pueblo people and other native groups that traveled through this area.  Please click to enlarge the pics so that you can see the artwork better.

You have to be a good climber to find these carvings. 

What a beautiful example of the carvings--and a pitiful comment on humankind--seeing someone felt it necessary to use them for target practice. 

what is that on the ridge

Desert Birdie

Hue blooms

Bearded Spaniard on Horse with sword

UFO carrying off two catholic Friars

lots of flora and fauna