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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sky Island Scenic Byway - Tuscon, Arizona

Sky Island Scenic Byway- if you are ever in Tuscon, this is a must drive!  The byway takes you up from the desert floor to a pine forest with lots of geological changes and amazing views.  Simply a beautiful and unique drive for 27 miles through the Catalina Mountain range. Tons of camping and hiking opportunities here as well.

We started off in terrain with saguaro but ended up in alpine terrain with huge spruces.

Think we figured out why they call this road sky island at this point. The byway viewpoints provide a view of "sky islands",  or mountain ranges.

click to see the winding road

overlooking Tuscon- click to enlarge

The border patrol was having a training exercise on this cliff.

You can see the road down below. We climbed nearly 6,000 feet.

The byway ended at Mt. Lemmon ski resort-- 9,129 feet elevation. Not very much snow is left from the winter ...but two to four foot of snow is forecasted for the weekend.

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