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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Patagonia, Az ; A quaint town nestled along the southern border of Arizona

The town welcomes you with unique signage

Patagonia is on the border of Arizona's wine country and is about 22 miles north of Nogales, Mexico.  The terrain in this part of Arizona is simply beautiful.

The old signage boasts a perfect climate, wine, and cattle.
The area is known for their old mines as well.
A small downtown remains with unique and reasonable shopping as well as interesting buildings.

overlooking the town

Stopped  and visited with the new owners of the Stage Stop Inn. They are putting the large hotel under renovation. The hotel was built in 1969 to look like an old hotel. the lady who built it wanted to attract movie crews that filmed in the area. She especially wanted to attract John Wayne. It worked.

In the courtyard of the Stage Stop Inn

The furniture is as quirky as the town.

He had a suite here.

The town is more of a throwback to the 60's than the old west.

One of  those towns where you actually buy things when you go shopping.

Nice little organic grocery with beautiful produce.

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