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Monday, March 31, 2014

Anderson, Texas

Sometimes you come across a town that time has not moved much.

Oak  benches in a still active courtroom

Old ceilings were often made of stamped meta

Old fire hydrant

The metal rings in the sidewalk were used to tether your horse

Grimes County courthoue

Honoring the real men

Walking downtown

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Old Stagecoach Inn

Examples of houses

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

City of Rocks State Park - Faywood, New Mexico - 30 miles north of Deming, New Mexico

The  rock formations were formed of volcanic ash 30 million years ago and sculpted by wind and water into rows of monolithic blocks that you can hike through.  Primitive campsites and picnic areas are nestled in these rocks making it quite an experience.  They do have RV spaces for big rigs with electric and water.
Very nice pull through site, which we will reserve when we come back through this area! The star gazing out here must be spectacular.

click to enlarge to see the camp area for this site...
This guy had a great looking bus and a really nice primitive campsite!

You could spend days exploring  these rocks. The trail weaves you through these rocks...amazing.
Now how did that happen???
Wayne playing hide and seek :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Patagonia Lake State Park

Being so close to Mexico, you see a lot of these.

leaving the town of Patagonia, on the way to Patagonia Lake State Park.  A beautiful drive

great picnic spots

A crystal blue lake --so secluded...just 12 miles from Nogales.

Cool bridge

great camping faciities...just water and electric hookups...but great spots
and of course a beach right by the campsites
On the way aback to Patagonia, we saw a hole in the cliff

A shrine full of icons

Build by a man whose sons enlisted in WWII and he wanted to protect them

VW Vans

I knew I liked Patagonia when  I saw the VW buses

A spare tire and a backup means of transportation on the roof.

Good Energy

I thought this was an interesting bus parked in a yard

But then I looked through the windshield
Looking at the yard, I guess it all fits

Hard to see the skeletons looking out the side windows