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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Thieves Market in Cave Creek, Az and Some Misguided Football Fans

We are staying near Cave Creek, Az and the Thieves Market is rumored to be one of the top Flea Markets in the country so bright and early, off we go!

I'm not going to show everything that caught my eye or say what I did buy but If I had a house, this guy had plenty of retro furnishings. (Click any picture to enlarge)

This looks familiar.  I think its a 50's toy even if the art work is more 30's. It was made by Chein and was in surprisingly good condition. It has a little crank that you use to climb a car to the top of the roller coaster and then it takes off. Made in USA, baby! 

Two nice pieces by the Navajo Artist S. James. The silver box and ashtray are sitting on top of a glass case.  Her stuff on Ebay runs at least twice as high as what he was asking today. I think everyone needs an ashtray with a high grade piece of turquoise set in the top!

Belushi was one of the bees on SNL. The guy drove a hard bargain on this one. He offered it to me for free and I turned him down. Pretty good likeness, though.

I watched Texas Power and Lighting put on a demonstration once about why electricians should not wear rings. They put a metal band on a hot dog and zapped it. It was Ugly!  These people used to just slide the dogs down on the metal rods and use a lower voltage. Mustard and onions with mine. please!

She took different cups and saucers, glued them together and attached them to a copper rod so you could stick them in your garden/yard. She had a huge display of nice pieces.

Just someone going down the street in Cave Creek...Heavy Metal!

So, with all the Snow Birds here. Those who long for the fan days of their  youth. Cave Creek has a place for some of you on game day. We were here a few years ago during a Steelers game. They have beaucoup devoted fans.

Or You can cross the Street to watch Da Bears at their new spot.

Or slide next door to the Packers hangout.

But Bears fans should not park across the street in the Steelers lot.

The terrain to the north of Cave Creek

Lots of restaurants on the main drag

It is a Western Town.

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