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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Out in the middle of nowhere hiking adventure

Define road. It only got worse from here. Not all adventures have a happy ending.
Bad knees or not, my hiking bud went over nine miles in terrible terrain.  Hard to find the trail. Had to keep back tracking. Never made it to the rock art.

Nice scenery

When they they wilderness....they mean " good luck!"
South of Tonopah, Az about 45 miles west of Phx off Interstate 10...the area is called Eagletail Wilderness Area...this particular mtn. is referred to as Courthouse Mtn.

Think we will need a car wash after this hike! If I had known it was a high clearance vehicle road, I would have taken the truck. Lot of washes. I bottomed out more than once.

Rugged terrain.

Hate it when you drive out to the absolute middle of nowhere and some of the map is missing.

Glad I wore good shoes.

These were our only trail markers

Courthouse Mountain. I need a new camera.

desert lupine

No rain forever but beautiful desert wildflowers.

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