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Friday, February 28, 2014

Jerome, Arizona

After the train ride at Clarkdale, we drove ten min up to the small historic town of Jerome, once famous for their copper mines but now working tourists on the  haunted town approach. 
Several streets of very unique, historical buildings
where else culd you find a zombie store?  You have to click to enlarge and see this window display.
I don't know if you should enter...but there was some seriously good music playing from this nightclub.
It is a pretty town though with meandering roads up the mountain

someone famous owns one of these places...darn can't remember...some musician in some big group, but, regardless, some of the old buildings are quite beautiful

you could spend an hour or so in this outdoor shop.

Collette Parrish, Jeanette's sister

Cherry Blossoms

Seriously, click to enlarge.  You can see snow capped Flagstaff in the distance as well as the redstone canyon we took the railroad on.

We are leaving Phoenix after two months, and taking a slow roll "home" ...
We are going to miss the family so very, very much, but what wonderful memories we made!!!

Verde Canyon Railroad Clarkdale, Arizona

One of the best scenic railway rides in the U.S.  We treated ourselves to the first class coach with a private observation deck.  The train meandered through a redstone canyon located in Clarkdale, Arizona, just outside of Sedona.
Our accommodations; priceless!
First class comes with lots of snacks...and a glass of champagne.  Plus, our own bartender....
The girls had something called Blue Sky-- a delicious concoction and quite addicting.  The drinks were also very reasonable and the food provided, sandwiches, hot wings, salad were all top quality.

Ready to roll
ancient cliff dwelling
yep, there is water in Arizona; we are going towards those red rocks.
breathtaking in person; click to enlarge
up close...keep your hands in the observation car..
There is a rock formation in this pic called the Lizard...can you find it?

If you look closely, you will see something white high up in the treeline.  Tried cropping the best we could...think it is an eagle.  The area is rich in eagle sightings.

click to enlarge and see an eagle in flight.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tonto Natural Bridge Payson, Az


The stream wore a bridge through the sandstone

Trail down through the bridge opening

Hiking around Tonto Bridge

Water coming off the top of the bridge

Water structures with in the bridge. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Looking through the bridge

The hikers

Climbing up slick rock.

Love the water coming off the top

Down in the grotto. Very wet!