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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Bynums Go Birding: Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area near Tombstone, Arizona

When we were at Ramsey Canyon the other day, one of the volunteers told us about this spot to view sandhill cranes about 30-40 miles from our campsite in Benson.  He insisted there were upwards to 30,000 sandhill cranes hanging out at this draw.  So after our quick stop in Tombstone, we continued east for about 15 miles. This is what we saw-

As we have said before, this southeastern area of Arizona is nothing like the Arizona you think of.  The wildlife area was beautiful.  They even allow overnight camping so you can watch the sandhill cranes take off in the morning which is suppose to be quite a sight.

We really aren't birders, but this guy is pretty.

She was just beautiful.

Have no idea, what it is..

You have to click and enlarge can see the cranes coming in from their morning feeding.

We were mesmerized, so we just clicked really need to click and enlarge.

Egrets flying in

Amazing site to see and hear!!!


  1. really enjoyed all these pics, wayne and Jeannette and it is a big help to me right now that yall take the time to share you travels with me. the pictures are so beautiful but the little bird reflected in the water is wonderful. just beautiful . thanks so much. fran and country

  2. Great pics ! Kannon loved those "birdes".