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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Texas Canyon and Dragoon, Arizona: The Amerind Museum

If you have driven I 10 in Arizona, after the town of Wilcox, there is a rest stop in Texas Canyon and there are all these interesting rock formations.  seeing we have taken pictures of the rest stop already, we took the exit right after the rest stop and went "behind the scenes" so to speak.  These rock formations are off exit 318, Dragoon Road and are part of an old ranch.

The owner of the ranch, William Shirley Fulton, loved this area so much and was so interested in Native American culture and history, he started his own museum.  A lot of the artifacts he found were in Texas Canyon, and his quarter horse ranch was so successful, he funded archeological research dedicated to the preservation of Native Americans.

Behind these doors, no photography allowed, but take our recommendation, if you ever find yourself here, you HAVE to stop at this amazing museum!

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  1. Heyyyyy.....we have seen that before..ok maybe several times. Whats behind the doors , the cliffhanger is killing me!